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Tyler the Creator


You can't miss Tyler Reed Cochran.  In a sea of  journalism teachers at the Reynolds Institute at University of Texas, Austin, he stands out through his "hipster" clothing and wearing men's jewelry. What you don't know is that Tyler really represents the artistic flavor of Austin. He is at home in a city who's motto is "Keep Austin Weird." A city which he calls home. Despite the flashy appeal, he is at heart an introverted person.

"I probably wouldn't talk to you unless you talked to me first." He explains, "I would rather people come ask me."

His creativity knows no bounds. Tyler creates an original jewelry line, Via Christa. His work is sold out of the local Austin boutique, Feathers, located at 1700 B South Congress Avenue.

"I saw stuff online that was expensive. Well, I like that. I'm going to make it my own."

Teaching also fills up his creative soul. He believes the middle school environment is a good fit. His "Peter Pan Syndrome," or belief that he never really stopped being a 13 year-old boy, makes him the perfect fit for the age group.

"It keeps you young, " Tyler stated. "Teaching middle school takes a special person for sure."

Tyler's creativity doesn't stop there. He also is pursuing a solo music career around Austin. That makes him the perfect representation of what this town stands for.

For more on Tyler's work with Via Christa, you can see a profile video from the blog writer at Fashion Leak.

Music credits: NiGid "Unfriendly Me" and Gurdonark "Sawmill" from ccMixter.org.

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